The egg just hatched!

The egg just hatched. I’ve finished my first component and submitted it for review on Binpress and while I still have to wait for it to get approved, knowing that my first checkpoint has been reached is a huge relief. Now it won’t be a gold mine for sure but anything above zero is currently an achievement. Anyway, I’ve decided it’s time to put some color into this blog since I’ve just made the first checkpoint.

I have a few more ideas for components to increase my repertoire and possibly my revenues, for now I have personal stuff to concentrate on so there wont be any components coming up in the next 5 days or so.

As soon as the component is approved I’ll make sure to put it up one here for some comments.


Feeling a little dull

I know it’s been only 2 days since I’ve started this blog, but writing is nothing if you don’t share. The sole purpose of this blog is to keep a journal for me and to get in touch, exchange opinions and ideas. However to do that you need something that every blog needs – Traffic. And to generate that you need to do some marketing, like in the sales-world people don’t buy anything until they know what it is – with the exception of lottery. So my current mission is to generate some Traffic and hopefully start a small community. The first step is to post my link on the internet so some people can see it. I sat down with my trusty old friend named google. After 15 minutes he actually found a nice forum that just fits my blog,  so I registered. Teen Business Forum is actually quite nice, since there are people from around the world there’s a rather versatile idea and knowledge base and it seems quite useful. I’ve made my introductory post looked a bit around and made a post about my blog. Hope it brings my first visitors. I know it will take time to see the first 10’s of visitors a day since it’s probably the hardest thing to get a new blog on the market, but hey at least I know it will eventually grow with time and effort.

Working hard for my dream

I’ve planned to release my first component to binpress later this week but since time doesn’t wait I’ve done a nice bit of work on my component so it’s almost done. I need to prepare the introduction and explanation text along with a reference guide that should be done by tonight. Currently my only problem is that I have some other real world obligations so I can’t focus 100% on my “empire” today. I’ll keep you posted and hopefully well see the first fruits of my work in the next 24 hours.

Your daily quote

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

The reason I’m starting young.

First quote!

One of my favourites:

“Per aspera ad astra!”

It’s still just an egg

Going from paper to actually doing something is probably one of the toughest parts with every idea. It takes serious planing, big decisions and huge determination and patience.

I’ve managed to pass this barrier and do something instead of dreaming. Since my first goal is raising some budget and online was the way to go, I’ve decided to use some of my skills and start going.

Now a little about me, being a young guy knowing my way around computers isn’t really something to amazed with, but I’m that tech guy who’s been in the area for quite some while now. I’ve been coding for over 6 years by now mostly C/C++ though I know various other programming languages. Being in the subject field for that long surely makes you gather an amazing amount of knowledge. Actually I’ve managed to put myself through to go to the IOI this year in Thailand, and that not being my first Olympiad. So yeah, I have the skill to make something useful and actually sell it. What I needed the most is a marked, freelancing is way to overcrowded to make an easy start for a newbie with no reputation. So I kept searching, and one day, the most awkward thing happened to me, I’ve thrown a look at some Facebook adverts and found something that might be of interest for me. But hey when did adverts become useful? Anyways I’ve managed to go past the initial disgust about adverts and clicked the advert “Top-Notch Coder” – a marketplace to buy and sell source code…

The next thing I saw was a rather neat website, some geeky stuff and a nice introduction. It kept me interested, a neat interface with soft words that offers something I just needed at just the right moment, so I kept reading.
Some info here, some info there, read this, read that after a while I’ve decided it was something I just wanted so I’ve decided to make an account. Now that took time, I had a lot of other stuff to do so I kind of kept pushing it on my calendar especially because you need to show some work to prove that you’re legitimate and that you know what you’re doing. Since I’m young and had little professional work to show off it was time to work up some neat source code to submit. It took a while, since I took it serious, I wanted it to be as good as possible including a little biography. A week passed since I started preparing my application for a developers account but the moment came and I’ve submitted it full of some kind of energy. I’ve clicked the submit button and stared at the computer. It said you need to wait for approval, well I knew that but I expected some more action. Since I’ve submitted it on the weekend I had to wait till Monday. Monday morning, I just woke up and there was a new e-mail. Spam again went through my mind since I don’t have much traffic on that mail address. Soon was clear it was my mail of approval and that now I’m a proud member of the development team and that I’m free to submit my first component to the market. Since then another week has passed and I’m working on my first component hoping to publish it this week. That will be my first step to starting to generate some income.

Off course the site I’m talking about is Binpress seems marvelous and is marvelous, and being only about half a year old seem like just the right time to jump in on the train.

Hello world!

As with every blog, there has to be a first introductory, mostly philosophical post.

So here I am, standing (well, sitting) in front of my computer writing a great introduction article to start my blog off.
It’s been quite a while since I first wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t want a blog for the sake of blogging, I wanted it to be some kind of a journal. I’ve fancied this idea for a longer time, but I never had the feeling to have anything useful to blog about, who cares about my personal life. Now to fast forward it a bit (but not too much), like anybody living on this planet, I have some visions, my being becoming something like a tycoon , having your own company and making big time decisions is something that really appeals to me the risk and reward seem amazing. But the way is hard, the famous Latin sententiae “Per aspera ad astra!” puts it quite into place.  Since I want this to be my empire, I didn’t want any help from my parents, and being over 18 is quite the mark to start my venture into the world of money. Though I have some 300$ spare to start something, it isn’t really a budget to be proud of, so I’ve kept myself low on the ground no need to think about billion dollar industries if I still can’t afford my own bread. That meant I have to start little, and whats better today than going online, the competition is tough but looking at the size of the cake getting a small portion is more then enough to get me to the real world.

That’s about it for now in my next few articles I’ll write about what I’ve been planing to do next and what I’ve already done.
Hope there is somebody who will follow my way to the stars.

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