I’ve hit the sweet spot!

Well it’s not an oil drill and definitely not a gold mine but it does mean that something nice happened.

I’ve got my 10th visitor, and while that is not much by itself, it means a lot. The first visits are being generated, true visits not from some random links but people actually clicked to see what it was about and read a line or two.

This post today is not here to “brag” about my first 2-digit visitor it’s to tell you a story, something I learned in the past few weeks on the internet reading various blogs and articles. The most frequent advice I came across was “be patient” , “keep a cool head” and so on. While it might be true that patience is a virtue, I’m going to tell something totally different.

While patience helps you not to make any reckless or unreasoned actions, if you get “too patient” you’ll soon find yourself in a zombie like state loosing focus and determination needed to make things happen and to succeed. Business is about keeping a cool head but it’s not a waiting game, most people neglect the “energy” factor and potential. While often the energy is found in some young or naive investors, which we often see with their ridiculous ideas, quite the opposite happens with other less naive and maybe older or wiser investors. That leads to the fact that while young and naive people play it reckless and go for high risk – high reward situations, the old and wise go for the low risk – low reward option and none of them make a fortune. If you take a close look at some big names like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and you name any other, they all made fortunes but not by playing either strategy but by smartly analyzing the situations and using them for their advantage while balancing their energy and patience to make it happen.

Patience keeps a fortune, energy makes it, smart thinking does it both.


Daily quote!

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill

Unless you do something about it there’s no use dreaming about it.

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