Is genious made of talent or by work

While most people give up on some of their dreams before they even start, some seem to be able to make everything effortlessly and with ease. People just say I’m no genius, I can’t do that and keep living with the fact that they never tried.

Lately I’ve been receiving some mails how I’ve managed to become so skilled at programming or some other know-how. A lot of people, while talking about me, refer to me as a genius or some very smart guy. It’s not quite of scientifically speaking as my IQ when last measured was around 145. Not ultra high, but more than most people have.

So here are some first hand information. While having a high IQ and affinities to maths, logic and anything related does help, most can be accomplished with hard work. The only difference between a hard working guy and a genius guy is the effort put into their work. It might come easier when you’re naturally gifted to start off, but continuing is a whole new story.

Because people get intimidated by words like genius or phrases like high IQ, I’ll stop talking about statistics and go over to the point, the secrets of success.

Mainly it’s practice, not too much not too little. How much is too much and how much is to little you ask? Well depends on what you want to achieve and how fast you want to get there. I did say how fast you want to get there, but that doesn’t mean if you wreck yourself with practicing that you’ll become good in an instant. You should view everything as a long term goal. In the world of investing, an investment return in 5 to 10 years is a great deal. So while determining how hard you’re going to practice, take into consideration that it will take time and effort no matter what.

Now, away from philosophy, the best way to actually practice is to get your hands dirty. Reading hundreds of books and magazines won’t get you far, it will only give you a small kick-start so you don’t dive blindly into something. While books are still probably the best way to get some quality information, not everything is written in books and the holy grail of the modern world is the internet. Yeah the one you’re surfing right now.
Believe or not but the hype around some big websites like Google, Wikipedia, WolframAlpha is justified. They do help, immensely. Use them as often as you can since it’s the fastest way to get the information you need.
People claim to know how to search the internet while they really don’t. Often people ask me too find something because they can’t and they know I can. It boils down to practice, frequent and in depth use of the given tools make your skill skyrocket if you’re willing to give a thought to it. When you say to somebody learn to google they get offended while they shouldn’t be, they should take the advice. It’s not just type a sentence in the search bar and smash the enter button. No, it’s an art, choosing just the right keywords and filters to get precise results while remaining flexible enough to get other relevant data is vital, but it takes practice. The same goes for any other mayor source of information, knowing a bit and being smart is all you need to find the next step for any given goal you might have.

Now it’s time for me to let you alone, let you think about it and finally let you start living your dreams.

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